CREAMARE Meeting @ Universidad de Cádiz

The University of Cádiz hosted the CREAMARE Project annual meeting on 3rd-4th May 2023.

On 3rd May 2023, the Universidad de Càdiz (Spain) hosted the CREAMARE Project’s annual meeting in Aulario La Bomba at the Edificio Constitución 1812.

Attending the meeting were the project coordinator, 3D Research (Italy), the Ministry of Culture (Italy), the Nautical and Underwater Archaeology Line of the Universidad de Cádiz (Spain), coordinated by Mr. Felipe Cerezo Andreo, Atlantis Consulting SA (Greece), Novena d.d.o (Croatia), Pragma-IoT (Greece), and Pro Progressione (Hungary). The first results of the project were presented, and all partners shared ideas for future activities with a strong focus on the CREAMARE mission.

The international work team discussed the different work packages of the project, completed the selection process of the Cultural Institutions and Organizations and of the sites. The results will be soon published, and the 3D models of eight sites linked to the Mediterranean Culture will be part of the CREAMARE serious game, along with two others, which will be provided by the Italian Ministry of Culture and the Universidad de Cádiz.

As part of the co-production model, CREAMARE will also develop a training program focused on new technologies, digital tools for research and the enhancement of underwater cultural heritage, addressed to collaborating organizations and institutions.

The meeting day included speeches by the Project Officer, Mr. Alejandro Ramilo, who underlined the challenges intrinsic to this kind of project and the potential of an international work team and by the Vice-Rector for Science and Technology of the University of Cádiz, Mrs. María Jesús Mosquera Díaz, who highlighted her university’s commitment to research, science and heritage, and the importance of international cooperation projects for development.

On the following day, 4th of May, thanks to the hospitality of the members of the University of Cádiz, the Consortium visited both the Archaeology and Prehistory Laboratory and the Laboratory of Studies and Conservation of Historical Heritage of the Marine Research Institute (INMAR) and the research vessel U-CÁDIZ, used by the campus scientific community to carry out studies on oceanography and nautical and underwater archaeology.


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