CREAMARE partners meeting in Zagreb – Croatia

CREAMARE partners meeting in Zagreb (Croatia) – on May 22nd and 23rd, 2024.

The CREAMARE project, dedicated to the preservation and promotion of underwater cultural heritage and focused on marine ecology, held its meeting in Zagreb on May 22nd and 23rd, 2024.

This meeting brought together key project partners to discuss achieved results and plans for upcoming activities.

Participants included 3D Research, the lead project partner, the Ministry of Culture from Italy, Pragma IOT AE and Atlantis Consulting from Greece, the University of Cadiz from Spain, Pro-Progresione from Hungary, and the host of the meeting, Novena from Croatia.

The first workday of the CREAMARE project was held on May 22nd, 2024 at Wespa Spaces in Zagreb – Croatia. Discussions focused on the progress of the project in its 24th month of implementation. Presentations of key work packages were held, with a focus on the development of a serious game aimed at engaging the public in preserving underwater cultural heritage.

During the afternoon session of the CREAMARE project meeting, which is part of the Creative Europe programme, a special focus was placed on the presentation of synergistic projects.

This session was notably attended by a representative from the Ministry of Culture and Media RH , Desk Creative Europe office, underscoring the project’s significance and alignment with European cultural initiatives.

Three innovative projects were introduced during the session: the TOURAL project, which promotes sustainable development through cultural and creative tourism in rural and remote areas of Europe; the Sea Change project, which connects the public with the transformative power of ocean ecosystems through artistic expressions; and E-ROUTES, which merges cultural heritage with contemporary digital tools.

These projects highlight the project’s commitment to fostering cross-project synergies and leveraging cultural heritage for broader societal benefits.

This rich program allowed partners to focus on achievements, discuss challenges, and plan future activities, with the goal of preserving underwater cultural heritage.

The second day of the CREAMARE project meeting was dedicated to networking and exploring the natural heritage of Croatia through an organized excursion to Plitvice Lakes. This trip allowed participants to experience firsthand the unique natural beauties of Croatia, further enhancing awareness of the importance of preserving cultural and natural heritage.

The short video of the event is available on Novena YouTube Channel:

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