CREAMARE Project @ BMTA 2023

3D Research presented the CREAMARE Project at the 25th edition of BMTA.

The CREAMARE Project was presented by 3D Research at the 25th edition of BMTA (The Mediterranean Exchange of Archaeological Tourism), which took place in Paestum (Salernofrom 2nd to 5th November 2023.

The BMTA’s goal is to promote Archaeological Parks and Museums, encourage tourism in archaeological sites, facilitate marketing, contribute to deseasonalization, and increase economic opportunities and have positive employment effects. To achieve these objectives, several conferences and workshops were organized during the event, strengthening interactions between professional companies, professionals, travelers, schools, and tourists.

The CREAMARE project was presented as a virtuous initiative and was a prominent presence on the stand of the MiC (Italian Ministry of Culture) – Soprintendenza Nazionale per il Patrimonio Culturale Subacqueo.

Here, 3D Research and the Superintendence presented the project and allowed the numerous visitors to test a virtual reality application developed as part of the project. This application makes it possible to simulate a gamified dive near the ancient wreck in the Otranto Channel, which lies at a depth of about 700 meters. Users, on board an underwater vehicle, had to identify and recover all the types of amphorae found.

In addition, Roberto Rotondo (SOP) and Marco Cozza (3DR) introduced the project and the sites selected through the CREAMARE open call for institutions, during the presentation event of the Creative Europe program organized by:

  • Anna Conticello, Project Manager, Italy Creative Europe Desk – Culture Office
  • Enrico Proietti, Project Officer, Italy Creative Europe Desk – Culture Office                                 

The video of the event is available on the BMTA YouTube channel. 

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