CREAMARE @ the research campaign of the Underwater Archaeological Site of Gnalić in Croatia

On August 25, Novena d.o.o. presented the CREAMARE project at the Institute for Maritime Heritage “ARS NAUTICA” in Croatia.

On August 25th 2023, the CREAMARE project was presented at the research base of the Institute for Maritime Heritage “ARS NAUTICA”, in the town of Neviđane, on the island of Pašman, not far from the underwater archaeological site near the islet of Gnalić.

The Department of Archeology of the University of Zadar, in cooperation with the ARS NAUTICA Institute, has been conducting research at this fascinating place for 12 years.

According to the head of the operation, associate Professor Irena Radić Rossi, this year the main research focused on the central part of the ship structure, and the metal fitting of the rudder of the Venetian ship Gagliana Grossa, which sank near the islet of Gnalić in 1583. The work on the site was conducted throughout the month of August.

Ervin Šilić from Novena d.o.o. presented the CREAMARE project to the group of researchers, which consisted of professors,  archaeology students, scientists and divers. The research team of 18 people from as many as 10 countries (Croatia, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Malta, Turkey, Egypt, Oman, the United States of America and Japan), expressed great interest in the Project, especially in the archaeological sites included in the computer game development, on the theme of underwater cultural heritage.

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