CREAMARE project at the Szigetzug Danube Days event


CREAMARE project’s presentation @ the Szigetzug Days of the Danube Event in Hungary

CREAMARE project’s presentation at the Szigetzug Danube Days event, on June 29, 2023.

The Szigetzug Danube Days event is related to the events of the International Danube Day (June 29, 2023), organized by the Department of Diving Archaeology.

As part of this, the 4th national meeting of archaeological communities took place, and NOVENA d.o.o. presented the CREAMARE project.

About thirty participants of the 4th national meeting of archaeological communities followed with interest the presentation of Ervin Šilić, who presented the project, selected institutions, Open Call, and locations of sunken cultural heritage, which will be used in the creation of a serious game.

The organizer of the meeting, Mr. Attila Tóth, expressed his satisfaction with what was presented and expressed the hope that the CREAMARE project will continue to cooperate with the Department for Diving Archeology in the future.

The event was organized on the banks of the Danube, in the town of Szigetújfalu, in the premises of the Pajta Pub.

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