The one-week residency program in Italy for the 6 CREAMARE creatives is about to start

The 6 creative professionals recruited through CREAMARE Open Call will start the one-week residency program.

Let’s start the game!

The 6 creatives recruited through CREAMARE Open Call for Professionals are on their way to Cosenza, Italy, to start the one-week residency program.

From 2nd to 7th October, the 3D Research team will welcome the selected sound designer, level designers, and 3D artists and involve them in co-design activities for the development of the CREAMARE Serious Game, which will focus on the protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage and on Ocean Literacy.

High-impact topics such as the environmental threats to our seas and the protection of the underwater ecosystems and treasures will be discussed and conveyed through the Serious Game. Highly realistic 3D digital models of eight underwater cultural sites will be used as game scenarios and the player will have to find solutions to save them. 

During the residency week, the creatives will work in cooperation with experts and professionals from the Project’s coordinator 3D Research, and the partners Novena d.o.o., Pro-Progressione and the Italian Ministry of Culture to develop the blueprint of this amazing game, which will be completed in the next few months.

The project and the results of what promises to be an exciting week will be shared during the press conference on October 6 in Villa Rendano.

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