Training course: archaeologists and underwater operators dive into the workflow of underwater surveying

The CREAMARE team shared the innovative project approach to underwater surveying with an international group of archaeologists and underwater operators.

In an intensive week of training, which took place from 6th to 10th November, the CREAMARE team had the privilege of sharing the innovative project approach to underwater surveying with an international group of underwater archaeologists and operators. Participants learned the entire workflow, from image acquisition to the reconstruction of 3D models and the accurate restoration of the objects’ original colors.

The practical sessions were conducted at the sea, on an 18th-century wreck with cannons still present. During these sessions, students were engaged in activities like designing the geodetic network, taking measurements and using underwater cameras. In addition, there were classes at the University of Cádiz, where students explored the concepts of photography and underwater surveying for photogrammetry.

For example, these included image processing and generating 3D models, creating a local reference coordinate system using the collected data, and hydrographical photogrammetry for underwater data acquisition and analysis.

This initiative not only aims to enhance the participants’ skills but also to encourage the application of state-of-the-art methodologies for the documentation and conservation of underwater heritage.

Offering a unique opportunity for learning and collaboration in an international context, the training course in Cádiz marks a significant stride forward in advancing the field of underwater exploration and preservation.

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