CREAMARE Announces the Selected Candidates of the Open Call

After the selection process was completed during last meeting in Cádiz, the CREAMARE consortium reveals the results of the Open Call for Cultural Institutions and Organizations.

On 15th May 2023 the CREAMARE Consortium is pleased to announce selected candidates for its highly participated Open Call.

The Call provided a unique opportunity for Cultural Institutions and Organizations of the whole Mediterranean area to join the CREAMARE team to promote their relevant historical or naturalistic sites by including their 3D models in the game, and to benefit from training in digital technologies, ocean conservation, and sustainable activities.

With an impressive number of applications from institutions of various disciplines and cultural fields, the competition proved to be intense. The CREAMARE Consortium carefully evaluated each proposal during last project meeting and finally provided the results.

CREAMARE team members had to choose only seven institutions, but they are grateful to all participants who submitted their proposals because these are of undoubted quality and interest and deserved recognition. 

Therefore, it is hoped to involve all applicants in the subsequent project opportunities and training activities planned.

Here are the selected institutions and organizations that applied for the CREAMARE Open Call:

  • Alexandria Centre for Maritime Archaeology & Underwater Cultural Heritage  – Centre d’etudes Alexandrines (Egypt)

  • Israel Antiquities Authority (Israel)

  • Centre for Underwater Archaeology (Bulgaria)

  • University of Zadar (Croatia)

  • University of Salento (Italy)

  • Laboratory of Maritime Archaeology – University of Montenegro (Montenegro)

  • Skopelos Diving Center (Greece)

The publication of the CREAMARE Open Call results will open a new chapter of collaboration and creativity in the world of art and culture.

The CREAMARE team expects that the projects developed within the collaborative platform inspire and engage a wide audience, helping to transform people’s perception of underwater cultural heritage.

All the partners are eager to see how the selected institutions and organizations will bring their creative visions to life and how the CREAMARE project will continue to serve as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration in the production of applications and digital products, supporting international and cross-sectoral cooperation and offering further opportunities.

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